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Comment on WEP2018 TV: Energy, Money and Technology – From the Lens of the Superorganism by mhaubner https://www.google.com//1fa/wep2018-tv-energy-money-and-technology-from-the-lens-of-the-superorganism#comment-33427 Sat, 27 Jan 2018 03:44:28 +0000 /1fa/?p=253#comment-33427 In each minute of Nate’s talk is the kernel of a hundred hours of study. I know because I took his course a year ago and it propelled me further and faster onto a path I didn’t know I was already traveling. We are on a limited sphere taking from it like there’s no tomorrow and Nate’s warning, if you will, is that we must look at everything we do as part and parcel of a thousand other systems. In my newly-designed life I stress to people that we can no longer afford to consider only the small corner of the planet on which we walk–the world is round and every one of our actions is part of a circular set of systems which we can try to understand and nurture back to health. Thank you for all your work.

Comment on A Guide to Being Human in 21st Century – Earth Day 2016 by Nate Hagens https://www.google.com//1fa/earth-day#comment-33426 Fri, 13 May 2016 17:00:49 +0000 /1fa/?p=224#comment-33426 Hi Mark, thanks
Re “rushed” I’ve decided to be coherent and logical the story cannot be told in an hour to a young person. Probably 3-4 hours. We intend to have such a sequence broken into video pieces to accompany the books. Yes, I’m advocating people take a stand and engage with the future, towards whatever aspect speaks most to them. It’s too late to generally avert what’s coming but also far too early to give in to nihilism. Thanks for your feedback.

Comment on A Guide to Being Human in 21st Century – Earth Day 2016 by Rural https://www.google.com//1fa/earth-day#comment-33425 Fri, 13 May 2016 16:55:43 +0000 /1fa/?p=224#comment-33425 An excellent presentation, rushed as always, but still excellent. The fact that you advocate for driving a larger change rather than just stock-piling supplies for Armageddon, strikes a cord with me. I’m very much looking forward to the books and would like to explore ways of supporting the cause.

Comment on The Converging Energy and Environmental Crises – A Pep Talk for those Paying Attention by chwik https://www.google.com//1fa/the-converging-energy-and-environmental-crises-a-pep-talk-for-those-paying-attention#comment-11075 Fri, 15 Aug 2014 17:39:44 +0000 /1fa/?p=177#comment-11075 As usual, another great presentation. Your “what to do list” is really resonating with me and makes sense no matter how the future develops.

In the last two years I have read alot about biology (evolutionary and microbiology), orgin of the universe/life, human behavior, chaos and complexity, and thermodynamics. It has been an awakening for me and has had profound impact on the way I see and treat nature and other species. My ethics have changed for the better and I feel a fiduciary responsibility for the nature that supports me and my family (I know that my behavior is still not up to par with my desired ethics, and it is a continually struggle to fight my innate genetic (mis)behavior). I see us all connected in deep time and space on this beautifully blue planet. We are all related to one another from microorganisms and bacteria to wise elephants and old bristlecone pines.

Thanks Nate for fighting the good fight and being an inspiration! There might be a lot of people at the movietheater in line to see “A reassuring lie” but more of us are choosing to see “an inconvenient truth”.

Christian Wik

Comment on Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species (lecture) by Philip Bogdonoff https://www.google.com//1fa/humans-and-earth-transitioning-from-teenagers-to-adults-as-a-species-lecture#comment-9480 Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:37:48 +0000 /1fa/?p=131#comment-9480 Nate, any chance you could post a link to your slides? In the video there are frequently ones that are completely washed out. It would be nice to be able to have readable slides to follow along with your talk. Thx, — Philip

Comment on Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species (lecture) by mididoctors https://www.google.com//1fa/humans-and-earth-transitioning-from-teenagers-to-adults-as-a-species-lecture#comment-3692 Wed, 21 May 2014 13:56:32 +0000 /1fa/?p=131#comment-3692 Interesting. I have always calculated my income as human effort in hours spent at work vs cost of items/services especially rents. where the cost in effort to pay ones rent in london has more than doubled for everyone I know and has been eroding for a long time. Money wages etc vs cost of living stats rarely really convey the feel of changing living standards to me where as the notion of how much effort I have to put in to pay the rent/electricty bill seems more “real”.

Comment on Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species (lecture) by Nate Hagens https://www.google.com//1fa/humans-and-earth-transitioning-from-teenagers-to-adults-as-a-species-lecture#comment-3688 Wed, 21 May 2014 11:09:28 +0000 /1fa/?p=131#comment-3688 mididoc
ya – that one was in my Twenty Things post on TOD – it’s probably best to keep it out of a short presentation. Basically we dont exchange fossil labor for human labor 1 for 1 – we add hundreds, thousands or more units of fossil labor to replace one human unit of effort – we do this because it is extremely cheap (or has been). The message of the graphic/point is that when energy prices go up, it is not a linear unwind of benefits but much higher than that. a doubling of price causes gas prices that employees pay to get to work to go up -yes – thats what media focuses on – but the larger story is the ripple effect on all mechanized processes in the economy, giving lower profits and wages. I have a new slide (for the next talk!) showing that real household median income for the US peaked in 1999 – exactly the year that oil prices hit their low.

Comment on Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species (lecture) by mididoctors https://www.google.com//1fa/humans-and-earth-transitioning-from-teenagers-to-adults-as-a-species-lecture#comment-3687 Wed, 21 May 2014 11:03:04 +0000 /1fa/?p=131#comment-3687 HI Nate. Good stuff but i think the benefit of energy to human labour slide at 10:40 is a bit confusing and the point difficult to understand. I had to watch it a couple of times to get it.

Comment on Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species (lecture) by Mary Odum https://www.google.com//1fa/humans-and-earth-transitioning-from-teenagers-to-adults-as-a-species-lecture#comment-3624 Mon, 19 May 2014 19:31:56 +0000 /1fa/?p=131#comment-3624 Hi, Nate, great presentation! Very creative slides on “what costs $100″ and the time/energy intensity of milking the cow with/without tech. Here are some thoughts as I watched this.

I think it is important to add that the cost of getting the $70/barrel of oil out of the ground is only the human labor involved, and not the actual cost over time to Nature and to society. Our society does not recognize that money never pays for the natural processes involved–money is only the cost of human labor, in the past, present, or future. Nature is free and infinite, thus ignored. So anytime cost is mentioned in dollars, we need to begin to include the disclaimer about costs of Nature to emphasize the misvaluation, or else use a different metric like emergy that does include valuation of Nature .

And the 60+ energy slaves far understates the problem in emergy terms. And human labor has very different values, depending on where it is in the hierarchy, in terms of investments of education, setting, and so on.

On the European energy price graph, if electricity prices are inflating slower than FF prices, then electricity is under-priced and being overutilized in alternative energy schemes. Our monetary prices are all mis-valued, so bad pricing creates incentives for poor allocation of societal resources. And you say we turn energy into dollars–perhaps we could rephrase that as using dollars to inaccurately measure the human contributions to our productivity, while ignoring the source contributions.

You mention maximum power and Jevon’s paradox as separate phenomena. But Jevons paradox IS the maximum power principle, but stated in 19th century economic terms rather than energetic basis. Yes?

Declining debt productivity is a euphemism for inflation. Why not just call it what it is?

Climate change denial is a bias of the Right, but I believe that the Left has similar cognitive biases, such as widespread denial of the dangers inherent in nuclear waste. Has the recent media focus on climate denial evolved out of projections of our other subconscious worries and our own denial of real problems? Or is it just plain ignorance? At this point in our culture, whatever the media focuses on is a distraction from our imminent, unsolvable problems.

Climate models are predicated on continued economic growth and Business as Usual, which is not thermodynamically possible.

It is unclear from your talk whether you think we can level off at a steady state, or if we need instead to reduce our society by a significant amount. I think your stance is significant descent, and you imply that when you say we will eventually be at 100% renewables, but if significant descent is not in your message, then we let everyone off the hook. If we say that we will not stand for environmental degradation, but interpret that protection narrowly to mean LED lights as a sop to climate change, then that won’t help anyone except light bulb manufacturers. Behaviors need to be substantially different if we are to reduce societies’ energy basis significantly.

Nice synthesis!